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Sunday,Oct 01, 2023
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Grow up
Posted:Sep 30, 2022        Views:208        Back to List
 How happy it is to be able to laugh before a major operation, to be anesthetized with a smile, and to enter a sleep that does not know the end. So Lin Nianchu remembered the student's name. She thought that when he transferred to pediatrics, she would train him carefuight, everything was quiet. Xiaoman's breathing was steady, her heartbeat was normal, all the instruments showed the best data, and the nurse in charge of emergency and critical care had already dozed off. Xiaoman's parents were snoring slightly on the bench. She smoked two cigarettes in the yard and couldn't sleep. She walked slowly in the quiet corridor. At the door of his office,water bottling line, she stopped and stood for a long time. Take out a key, open the door and go in. Sure enough, he was inside, and the things on his desk moved to his chair, where he slept like a shrimp with a medical dictionary on his pillow. Thirteen hours, plus the preparation before, is too tired. She approached and took off her white coat to cover him. He suddenly opened his eyes,water filling machine, grabbed her hand, looked vaguely surprised and happy, and said vaguely, "Nianchu, you're here. Aren't you angry?"? That was my fault. 。 She was stunned for a moment, and then she thought that he probably didn't wake up completely. He probably thought that this was the urgent call he had received from the operation market many times before in the midst of a quarrel. After an operation, he did not know whether it was because he was tired and slept first, or because he was afraid to go home because of the war at home, so he fell asleep in the office. At that time, she would never come to him. Instead, she would get mad at home and force herself to sleep with sleeping pills in her mouth. Once, liquid bottle filling machine ,CSD filling line, she overdosed and slept for a whole day. However, he was called back because of a series of car accidents. Surgery and treatment were also done for a whole day. The result of her day of overdosing on drugs was not a repentant husband. Instead, I woke up alone and saw a series of Cory's calls on the pager, followed by a furious rebuke from the director. As a doctor, even if you are sick, you should ask for leave in time! Did he ever dream that one day she would come to him when he had an operation after a quarrel and fell asleep on the desk in the office after the operation? If she comes. Will he say sorry to her? "Nianchu, let's go home." He said in a daze with his eyes closed, grabbing her hand and falling asleep again. Zhou Ming is really like a child when he is asleep. She almost leaned down and kissed him on the forehead. Finally, however, she shook her head at herself. I'm sorry, she said to him in her heart, I'm leaving. I do not know whether you still have expectations or nostalgia, forgive me, in the beginning to understand you, there is no young age of courage and passion. I was really afraid that this was a new round of God's molestation of me, and I decided not to expect it because I was afraid of disappointment. You're fine, but I decided to let go. It was not until he was in a deep sleep that Lin Nianchu pulled out his hand and quietly went out. Chapter 7 The Matter of Love 1 Section 1 In my life, I have traveled many roads, crossed many bridges, seen many clouds, drunk many kinds of wine, but I have only loved a person of the best age. What Shen Congwen wrote to Zhang Zhaohe. It was written on the card of the bouquet by Qin Mu. The recipient's name is Xie Xiaohe. The flower and the card had the expected effect of the flower sender. After receiving the flower and looking at thXiao Lu, smiled mysteriously and pouted at the bunch of flowers on his desk. As for it? Since the age of 18 has been a well-known romantic beauty, has been a huge group of fans of the evening fog eyelids did not lift to pull the corners of the mouth smiled, eyes still remain on the manuscript, "so excited to collect a flower, not every day can not work normally?" "Seedlings are not the first day to harvest flowers." Beauty editor Xiaoan is Xie Xiaohe's best friend, but never with the evening fog to deal with,Edible oil filling machine, at this time laughed, "only in the flower sender is which.". If General Manager Lin gives you a paper flower in public one day, the director will not only curse people behind closed doors. 。