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Sunday,Oct 01, 2023
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Love Sword Enmity-Dugu Red _ txt Novel Paradise
Posted:Sep 30, 2022        Views:282        Back to List
 Nalan wanted to go out, but immediately he turned around and grabbed his clothes and ran out. Dejin's eyes fell on the plain paper again, and all of a sudden, her face became so scary. Nalan worked quickly, and in less than a cup of hot tea, he ran in with a suit of clothes in his hand. It was not the style that Dejin originally wore, but it was what the royal family's noble daughter usually wore, and it was a new dress. "Go out for a moment," said Dejin. Nalan promised and hurriedly put down his clothes and quit. He sat waiting in the outer room, but he was always fidgeting. After a while, Dejin came out, not only dressed, but also combed her hair, and could not see anything unusual, as if nothing had happened. "Is Gege going back?" Asked Nalan. "Don't worry," said Dejin. "I have something to say to you." "Yes, yes, Gege, please sit down." Dejin sat down and said, "You too." Nalan hesitated. "We're married now, Nalan," said Dejin. Nalan answered and sat down hurriedly. "Nalan," said Dejin, "I want you to do something for me." "Gege ordered," said Kui Lan. "Kill Li Jizhu for me,Brushless Gear Motor," said Dejin. Nalan was stunned and startled. "Kill Li Jizhu?"? Gege, this is-- Dejin said, "You know, my mother and I belong to the second elder brother. Li Jizhu was recommended by my mother to the second elder brother, but he joined the fourth elder brother. The second elder brother is the crown prince. It's good for you to help him." Nalan hesitated and said, "Gege knows that I have always been loyal to the emperor. I have never participated in such things." "But the emperor set up the second elder brother, and you should be loyal to the second elder brother." "But killing Li Jizhu is not what I have learned to do." "You command the Iron Guards of the capital," said Dejin. "There are so many people inside and outside the Forbidden City. Can't even Li Jizhu deal with them?" "That's not true. If you really want to use the entire imperial capital fighters, of course you can't deal with a Li Jizhu,12v High Torque Motor, but Gege knows that the emperor won't let the Li family move." Dejin was silent for a moment and said, "The emperor has a preference for the Li family. Then, you deal with Tie Ying's gang for me." Nalan was startled. "Deal with Tie Ying?" "To deal with Tie Ying is to deal with Li Jizhu, but on the surface, it's not to deal with the Li family, but to deal with the chaotic people in Jianghu. The emperor can't speak." "Gege, I made an agreement with Li Jizhu." "Officials to the common people, especially to Jianghu people." Are they all so trustworthy? "Gege, I think in my capacity, I should keep my word." "In your capacity, you shouldn't have done anything wrong, but tonight you made the big mistake of ransacking the house." As soon as Nalan's complexion changed: "This-Gege, deal with Tie Ying, once the six northern provinces Jianghu Road group makes trouble, the consequences are unimaginable." Dejin said with a sneer, "If the Qing court even has scruples about the rivers and lakes in the six northern provinces, how can we govern all the people in the world?"? "Aren't the rebels who used to be the adherents of the imperial court more powerful than the Jianghu Dao of the six northern provinces?" "This--" "Nalan, don't hold back. This is the first time I've asked you to do something for me, 24v Gear Motor ,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, for me and for you. Do you prop" him, and "trap" firmly. He knew that listening to Dejin would have serious consequences. However, on second thought, he could pick up such a charming wife for no reason and become the "forehead" of Prince Heshuo, but also care about the consequences? No matter how serious the consequences, after all, is the royal, the court, can not fall on him Nalan a person, weighing the pros and cons, who does not know to choose their own advantages? Although I know that the future is not easy,Small Geared Motors, after all, it is the future, and even the foolish people know that they should spend the present first.