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Sunday,Oct 01, 2023
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The Imperial Concubine
Posted:Sep 30, 2022        Views:197        Back to List
 The two of them chased each other, and the cheerful laughter spread far and wide. When Shulan heard it, she also laughed and said to Kangxi, "Long live the two of them. This is out of the palace, and they are very happy." Kangxi looked at the seven elder brohat's wrong with that? It's like you're not used to Zhuoya. You've forgotten a lot about the new jewelry. Where did you send those little ones?" Shulan said, "Long live you also said, how old are I and my concubines? Long live you even rewarded me with some gorgeous and delicate clothes. I can't wear them for myself if I don't give them to the younger ones?" "Why not? Jiaojiao and when they first entered the palace, they were generally the same. Naturally,ultrasonic cutting machine, it was appropriate to wear any jewelry." Shu Lan said, "Hum, Long Live Master will coax my concubine with sweet words." "That's where I coax you. I never lie." "Long live you!" Shulan grabbed Kangxi's hand and stroked his chest. Kangxi ignored and continued to make trouble, and the two of them had a good time. It was getting dark, and the palace people were busy setting up camp. They used to go to the palace, but Kangxi felt that only in this way could they have the feeling of being outside the Great Wall. The slaves at the bottom could not refute it, so they could do it. The palace people actually set up a camp in an orderly manner. Fortunately,ultrasonic molten metal, there were not many imperial concubines brought by Kangxi outside the Great Wall this time, otherwise they would have to be busy to death. When everything was ready, everyone gathered around the fire and began to eat the roast. After the repair, they went on their way, and when they arrived outside the Great Wall, the tribal leaders were already waiting here. Seeing Kangxi's sedan chair, he saluted hurriedly, and Kangxi motioned for everyone to get up. Gemo said, "Tian Khan and the nobles must be tired of traveling. Gemo has ordered people to prepare thin wine. Later, he will invite Tian Kehan and the nobles to show off." Kangxi nodded his head as a promise. Everyone went to their own tent to repair, Kangxi took Shulan's hand and walked toward the main tent not far away. In the main tent, Shulan waited on Kangxi to change his clothes. After finishing it, Kangxi said, "Don't be busy. Give it to the slave and accompany me to rest for a while." "Good." Shulan gave Bihe the clothes she had changed and lay outside the bed. Kangxi served Shu Lan, ultrasonic spray nozzle ,ultrasonic spray nozzle, and the two of them gradually fell asleep. When they woke up, it was just the right time to leave Germo. They cleaned up and changed into palace clothes and walked towards the banquet hall. The ministers paid their respects to the Khan of Heaven and joined the imperial concubine. After Kangxi and Shulan took their seats, Kangxi raised his hand and motioned, "No courtesy." Gemo took the lead in raising his glass and said, "I respect the Khan of Heaven and the Imperial Concubine. I wish the Khan of Heaven and the Qing Dynasty eternaown a lot, and the secret concubine's hanging heart was put down. At the party Shu Lan is to Kangxi cloth vegetables, Bihe lie to Shu Lan's ear to report the matter, Shu Lan listened to whisper, "that eighteen elder brother can be better." Bihe said, "it's much better to go back to the empress." That's good. Send someone to wait for the doctor at all times. "Yes." Shulan motioned her to go down, Kangxi looked at Shulan eyes revealed inquiry, Shulan shook his head. When the banquet was over, Shulan and Kangxi said it on their way back. Kangxi quickened his pace and walked toward the tent of the eighteen elder brothers, followed by Shulan. To the eighteen elder brother's tent, Kangxi saw the eighteen elder brother's eyes full of heartache, and whispered to the concubine, "Well, it's better." "It's much better. It's all the concubines' fault." Then the pear flower began to cry with the rain. Kangxi hugged the concubines and comforted them in a low voice. Shulan could not help feeling that the scene in front of him was very ironic. Kangxi's love for his children was probably only given to a few princes and daughters. Think of eight elder brother and thirteen elder brother's fate, the irony in the eyes of Shu Lan is even worse, but it is very good to be covered up by Shu Lan. Shu Lan accompanied him for a while, then got up and went back to his tent. When he got to the tent, Shu Lan suddenly thought, 'Beyond the Great Wall,ultrasonic extraction cbd, eighteen elder brothers, and so on. Isn't this just in line with the scene when the prince was abolished for the first time? The cause and place are all right, but the time is not right.' 。