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Sunday,Oct 01, 2023
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The Simple Life of Rebirth
Posted:Sep 30, 2022        Views:220        Back to List
 "I know my mother, and I love you." I sniffled and hugged my mother, and suddenly the twisted face of the old witch appeared in my mind, and then I was very glad that my father insisted on letting my mother go home at that time. Although I was glad many times, I was not glad to come this time. I looked at my mother's beautiful face and thought about the wrinkles on my mother's face in the last life. This life will certainly make my mother happy, will not suffer the kind of suffering of the previous life "dead girl, how so emotional today" said not moved is false, Pei Qin back daughter touch the eyes of this dead child, this is not deliberately want to see themselves cry "mother, in fact, your daughter has been very emotional, but you did not find or, you want me to say ~" I elongated voice. Rubbing his chin maliciously, he continued, "Let me say, Mom, are you sexy?" As soon as I finished speaking, I immediately picked up my slippers and ran away. Joke, I just don't want to be on the last day of this year to get on the old iron sand palm,ultrasonic welding transducer, "Little book, what do you look like? Go to wash quickly." Looking at my father frowning, I was still sitting on the sofa at Han Yuhan's very childish "grunt" tongue, and then quickly ran to wash and gargle. My mother was totally ignoring my struggle and was tough enough to be combed by me. Still tied with red silk, I want to cry without tears. Looking at myself with a sad face in the mirror, with this Baotou and the red silk tied up, I am still a very cute little girl. If I match it with a red jacket,sonicator homogenizer, I think I can become a mascot doll. "Didn't you like Baotou best before?" Pei Qin is very depressed looking at the sad face of the daughter, thanks to their own spent so much time to tie her up, I looked at the mother with great sorrow, you know it's the past, now your daughter's body is filled with the soul of an adult, if you like this childish Baotou that is called a ghost! Cute is lovely, but the red silk makes people very speechless ah, forced by the old'Yin Wei 'and the fact that it can not be changed, I went to the hall with two bags of Baotou. Our daughter is really cute today. "She was hugged by her father, kissed wildly, and rubbed hard.". I was speechless and rolled my eyes. My eyes fell on Han Yuhan who stood up. The smile on his face was deeper than ever. The gentleness in his eyes could drown people. I sighed. It seemed that Baotou was not so bad. It was just that I completely forgot that I was holding things on a bicycle ten years ago at the level of appreciation ten years later. I was speechless looking at Han Yuhan, who was being pulled by his mother, and found that he was also very pitiful, ultrasonic metal welding ,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, and then looked at the car head hanging full of supplements, wine and other things, as well as his own embrace, I couldn't help sighing with regret that it seemed that Mom and Dad had spent a lot of money this time, finally, to say goodbye to the wordy mother, braving the cold wind all the way. On the way to the old man's house, Han Yuhan and I almost fell into the ditch with our car. Fortunately, Han Yuhan's domestic kungfu was hard enough. "Ah, the little girl is really cute today." He was hugged and rubbed his face vigorously. I put aside my face with disgust and wanted to roll my eyes and say, where did the old man come from? "Let go, it hurts." I hummed discontentedly. Nowstandard of extramarital love "Uncle Han" I finally know why Han Yuhan is so handsome. "My face is full of admiration. Han Yuhan's bearing is basically the same as his father's.". It's just that his father's gentleness implies domineering, as strong and gentle as a waterfall, while Han Yuhan's gentleness is as long as a stream, which makes people feel warm in their hearts. "Yuhan must be very happy that you said that." Han Lingpu picked up the little girl, straightened out the red silk on her head,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, and said softly, "I'm blinking in wonder. I'm turning around to praise you now. No matter what happens to Han Yuhan, "Yuhan's mother will like you very much.".