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Sunday,Oct 01, 2023
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Grave robbers and deities
Posted:Sep 30, 2022        Views:323        Back to List
 There was a mess all around. Many buildings collapsed and were damaged. Cang Ming was in a dusty face and in a mess. He was in hot pursuit of a group of golden mang. When he saw Xiao Qiang coming here, Cang Ming shouted: "Master, help Cang'er quickly and catch him!" The speed of the group of golden awn was so fast that Xiao Qiang couldn't catch his trace with his spiritual consciousness for a while. He saw the stars around him twinkling everywhere. Whenever he wanted to escape, it was good that Cang Ming's seal of Gan Kun blocked him. But Cang Ming was very embarrassed by the strong collision. He had such power before he succeeded in refining. Xiao Qiang dared not neglect it. He saw the golden light coming in his direction again. After Xiao Qiang opened the armor, his handprint made a series of decisions and shouted: "The rain is winding!" A pale blue interwoven net of light went towards the golden mask. Unexpectedly, the force of the rain did not have much effect on that thing. When Xiao Qiang used a net to cover it,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, he was rushed away by that thing and continued to shoot in his own direction. Xiao Qiang did not panic. He immediately pulled the law, and a handprint of colorful light wrapped around the wind, galloped into the void and grabbed the golden light. Touch! The impact of the intersection of the force of hardness and softness, caught in the handprint, juice filling machine ,plastic bottle making machine, Xiao Qiang almost could not resist the impact of the golden light, to the force of hardness, invincible, but with softness, Xiao Qiang's general trend handprint implies the power of fusion of purple softness transformation, but not too skillfully used, that innate Lingbao contains the power of hardness, although it has been offset a lot, but Xiao Qiang did not expect. This Lingbao is very cunning, under the tight handprint of the general trend, unexpectedly separated a virtual shadow, when Xiao Qiang did not pay attention, or to slip away. Seeing that Lingbao was heading for the back hill with a group of golden light,water filling machine, Xiao Qiang looked at Cang Ming with a lost face and felt guilty in his heart. At the same time, a strong sense of war spread in Xiao Qiang's heart like a spark starting a prairie fire. Xiao Qiang looked at Cang Ming and secretly said in his heart, "I don't believe it. I can't accept this magic weapon!" 。