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Tove Haapasalo


Sunday,Oct 01, 2023
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Perfectionist magician
Posted:Sep 30, 2022        Views:187        Back to List
 "The bow of the moon." There's no way to escape! I have been locked by her magic bow and light arrow, and now I can only take it by force. I smiled bitterly. Fine! Let me see the terrible power of the legendary magic bow! Thinking in this way, I have gathered all my magic sword fighting spirit and magic energy, ready to meet the earth-shaking blow of the successor of the bow of the moon God, which is a strange one-on-one duel in the tense confross". As the bowstring "jumped" out like a faint sigh between heaven and earth, the arrow of light seemed to come to me across the distant sky, and I clearly felt the powerful and trembling murderous look and fighting spirit attached to this arrow! At that moment, I instinctively took out the sword, penetrating the body of the sword with spirit, spirit and spirit, and wholeheartedly met the most severe challenge for me to cross the obstacles of life- "Weiming" urged the most brilliant deep blue sword light, dominated the sword with divine will,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, and immediately hit the body of the "Moon God's Arrow" with precision! However, the arrow of light did not break off as expected, but suddenly burst out and stretched. When I felt something was wrong, I looked at the part hit by "Weiming" and was shocked to see that the arrow of light was physically bent at the part in contact with "Weiming", such as spiritually bypassing "Weoming" and piercing my heart without any barrier! A terrible force squeezed me crazily and turned into a violent hurricane centered on me and the "Thunder Department". The soldiers around me, such as Casta, Delink, Shuiruoxing, Huanglong and Vampire, were all stirred around the array and could no longer get close to them. At this time, the mythical beast "Thunder Department" gave a shrill scream. I suddenly felt my body sinking-the ground under the feet of the "Thunder Department" had collapsed because it could not withstand the pressure of violent energy, Micro Gear Motor ,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, and the four hooves of the "Thunder Department" were deeply sunk in, making the "Lei Department" trapped in a cage, unable to spread its wings and take off.. At this time, I suddenly felt that my whole body was paralyzed and unable to move, my mind was completely pinned down by the light arrow as if hypnotized, my space was completely blocked by the power of the "Moon God's Arrow", and I wanted to move and dodge, but it seemed that I was unable to do so-in the blocked space, I and the "Thunder Department" seemed to be fixed. Completely expow of the Moon God", which was particularly crystal clear in the afterglow of the sunset. After the light arrow completes the attack, the enclosed space is shattered and the vision disappears. At the same time, a strong sense of pain came from my body, making my eyes black for a while, and I lost consciousness for a moment, but I used my strong will to keep the Pure Brightness of my mind, and stretched out my right hand to pull out the light arrow that penetrated my left shoulder. A column of blood burst out from the wound and fell to the earth. I hurriedly touched several acupoints on my left shoulder and stopped the blood flow. The damage to my body caused by the "Arrow of the Moon God" is extremely terrible, and the damage caused by it is not comparable to that caused by ordinary arrows. The severe pain beyond the limit of human endurance alone is enough to make any superhuman strong person die because he can't bear the pain, and the energy of the light arrow will destroy the body tissue and function of the person who hit the arrow in an instant. To take away the life of the person who was hit by the arrow-I would have died if the "Thunder Department" had not struggled to save the Lord and moved half a step to the right at the critical moment, and the "Arrow of the Moon God" had not only pierced my left shoulder but also penetrated my heart; Had it not been for the instantaneous coordination of the various energy nuclei of life in the body in order to jointly resist the invading destructive energy, so that all the cells of the body were fully activated and all the essence of life burst out, so that I suddenly transcended the boundaries between man and God and had a deified vision, I would have been destroyed by the destructive power of the light arrow. However, the feeling of weakness at this time made me still unable to speak,small geared motors, even the concerned questions of Drinker and others were unable to answer. At this time, from the enemy array came such a cry: "Alexander the Great has been killed by the'Moon God's Arrow '!"! The rebels must give up their weapons and surrender! Enemy generals are also shouting orders: "Men, the traitor Alexander is dead!"! Let's go all out and wipe out the enemy! 。