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Sunday,Oct 01, 2023
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Our News
The years when I was a military daughter-in-la
Posted:Sep 30, 2022        Views:275        Back to List
 He Shengli got Shen Xingnan's reply, he still gave Shen Xingnan face, nodded to the other side to thank. Shen Xingnan listened to a faint nod, just eyes looking at the eyes of the six princes He Shengli, the heart has flashed the fate of this person in the previous life. Acc was the unlucky person who was fostered by the emperor to balance the present prince. And this unlucky man had been played to death by the emperor before he died in his last life! The present prince was also killed by the emperor's old son. In the end, the old man, who was very fond of the throne, made the ten princes, who were just five years old, crown prince. Now that he knows that the man in front of him is a short-lived ghost, should he stop Apricot from associating with him? Anyway, these are all small things at the moment, and the most important thing now is to find your wife and children. Although Shen Xingnan thought so many things in his mind at the moment,Vending Machine Motor, in fact, it was just a matter of a moment, and he restrained his mind at the moment. If the six princes don't mind, they can settle down here at the end. "Well, I'll thank General Shen first." With He Shengli's words, Shen Xingnan ordered Ge Giant, who had been working as a wooden man beside him, to take the six princes down and place them. After waiting for He Shengli to leave with Ge Giant,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, Zhang Dali, who had already arranged for Apricot, came back to reply to Shen Xingnan. When Shen Xingnan saw Zhang Dali, he did not even think about explaining to the other side: "Dali, here I give you to help me stare at me to find someone." "The general can't!" Zhang Dali was in a hurry when he heard this. He quickly made a sound to stop the idea of his own general. " Dali, that's my wife and son! It's not that you haven't seen the newspaper today. On the way she must pass, there is a severe drought in Jinan, so how can I not be anxious? I have to go !” "General, please think twice. You don't know what situation we are in now, and you have to believe in your ladyship's ability!" Zhang Dali saw that Shen Xingnan still insisted that he did not have his usual calmness at all. He anxiously persuaded the other party to change his mind. No matter how capable she is, she is also a woman, not to mention that she has two children! "Shen Xingnan is really anxious, he would like to fly to his wife at the moment.". Under the disaster, refugees are everywhere, even if his wife has that treasure in the body, he is not dare to bet! When Zhang Dali saw that Shen Xingnan was stubborn, Small Dc Gear Motor ,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, he had to kneel down and said angrily, "General, think twice. Now we are surrounded by strong enemies. If you leave on the front foot, the news that you have left your post on the back foot will be spread to the desk of His Majesty the Emperor. This is a capital crime of leaving your post without permission. Do you want your wife to follow you? Have you ever thought about the consequences of this?" Listening to Zhang Dali's earnest advice, generals who came here to lead the troops, in fact, did not end well. Some of their own skills do not want to be in cahoots with others, came here but failed to integrate the forces below was pushed out as cannon fodder, lost the battle but the Japanese pirates, was punished by the top beheaded. Although he had no ability and ambition, he could not defeat the struggle of several forces below. Instead, he was defeated by these forces and had to leave in disgrace. Or else that has no ability and cowardly and incompetent, was roped in by seveXingnan, the general of Guide, is and what he's doing! He only brought more than 20 people to come, to more than a month, but also to their own management of the general's office airtight, while he was thinking about how to attack the three forces, he got the news of his wife's disappearance, said he was not anxious,gear reduction motor, said his heart is not confused that is false. Looking at Shen Xingnan lost in thought, looking at him obviously in the struggle, Zhang Dali can not help but under the medicine.