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Sunday,Oct 01, 2023
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People who cultivate immortals are
Posted:Sep 30, 2022        Views:180        Back to List
 The crowd below exploded, and the elders above whispered one after another. But at this time, even if is three grades of zongmen, also has many disciples one after another to repel from the flying peak tower in the north. But these disciples, has not beend of this thing? Waste the strength of Jiuniu Erhu, Huang Mao finally killed a'blood road 'in the cotton candy, found the tower leading to the thirteenth floor. The elders of the outside world were all dumbfounded at the moment, looking in disbelief at the layers of towers that quickly lit up. This time interval is too short,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, almost ten breath time is a layer, like playing chicken blood, is really a joke! Is the tower broken? This absurd idea, at the moment, came out of the minds of all the elders. Otherwise how to explain, how can it be so fast! At this moment, even Ling Min's eyes showed the color of surprise and suspicion. He has confidence in Fellay, but he is not confident that Fellay can get through the tower so quickly. The next few floors are OK. Is it possible that the speed can be so fast after the tenth floor? Besides, Ling Min felt that Fellay and others could walk to the twelfth floor or so, how now, the thirteenth floor has gone up? Cheng Wu is subconsciously looking at Ling Min, after all, this person has just been very confident, perhaps Fellay has some tricks, waiting to use it now. See Ling Min eyes also have a trace of doubt, ultrasonic dispersion machine ,ultrasonic dispersion machine, but still calm, Cheng Wu can not help worrying up. It seems that Ling Min is really sure, although some uncertain, but at least very calm. Congratulations to Elder Ling. The disciples of your school are really young geniuses. Cheng Wu said with a wry smile that he was not a person who could not afford to lose, but he felt a little uncomfortable after all, so what he said was a little dry. He can really wronged Ling Min, he is also worried now, but Ling Min this person, born with a calm character, so did not show too much expression. Just now the words of congratulations have been listened to, Ling Min also really can not come down to say that he felt a lot of Fellay, this is really too humiliating. At that moment, he could only supprader "Yuelan", irrigating nutrient solution The reader "indulges in the sun and the moon" and irrigates the nutrient solution The reader "indulges in the sun and the moon" and irrigates the nutrient solution The reader "indulges in the sun and the moon" and irrigates the nutrient solution The reader "indulges in the sun and the moon" and irrigates the nutrient solution The reader "indulges in the sun and the moon" and irrigates the nutrient solution Mada ~ Chapter 127 building a foundation in the tower. Fourteen floors in the tower, and the last floor. It looks very empty here, but standing in the middle of the open space and looking up, there is a pointed top of the tower with a brilliant bead floating above it. Isn't it beautiful? Master Gu laughed. Indeed "Unfortunately, it's just an imitation. If you can find a real glass bead, I can do one thing for you unconditionally, no matter what." "The tone is really big, although you are a spirit,ultrasonic cutting machine, but in the end it is only a broken spirit." Huang Mao didn't mean to mock, he just told the truth. Hum, my ancient master's ability is not something that a little monk like you can understand. I won't say more. Your present cultivation should almost break through and build a foundation. Let's break through here. 。